Why Your Website Needs To Be Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile-Friendly Website

Launching a website means that you are taking the right step toward establishing your company’s online presence. This allows your current and prospective clients to check out your offerings without visiting your physical location while giving them the option to avail of your products or services through the internet. Moreover, your site is a way to show that you use technology to your advantage, increasing your business’ potential to be globally competitive.

However, web development is only the first step toward maximizing the advantages technology has to offer to your business. You also need to make necessary adjustments to make your company fit right into the market’s context. When talking about context, you need to look into the latest trends. One of which is mobile compatibility. Here’s what you need to know about this concept.

What is mobile compatibility in web development?

When you launch your site, you are making it available for Internet users. Usually, sites are developed using personal computers, which makes the design compatible with PC browsers by default. When you build your website with mobile compatibility in mind, you are making sure that it will be accessible using smartphones and tablets.

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6 Compelling Reasons To Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

Now, you might be wondering why compatibility has become a trend. Moreover, you might also want to know why you should incorporate this into your marketing strategy. Check out this list of the 6 compelling reasons to build a mobile-friendly site.

  • Your Customers are Using Mobile Devices

It is indeed important to consider the marketing needs of your company. However, remember that this entails that you prioritize your market. Look at the specifics of your target demographics. What do these people prefer when it comes to a company’s site? Do they belong to a population who are tech-savvy? What kind of technology they use?

Once you answer this question, you will have a clearer understanding of why you need to consider mobile compatibility. If you deem that your target audience is heavy users of smartphones and tablets devices, then you have the best reason to create a friendly site. This way, you are sure that your customers can visit your site on PC and mobile browsers.

  • Compatibility With Customers’ Lifestyle.

In relation to the preferences of your target market, another reason why you should consider getting a compatible website is that it works with their lifestyle. Remember, the current generation of consumers is always on-the-go. They are always moving to and from places such as home, work and other activities that require them to travel. Because of this, they cannot be constantly chained to their desktops or laptops.

The best solutions for their constantly on-the-go lifestyle are mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This lets them visit websites wherever they are. So, if you want yours to be compatible with such a lifestyle, a friendly site is what you need. This way, your website is easily accessible for your customers whenever and wherever they might need your products or services.

  • Digital Marketing

When people think about marketing, many recall annoying advertisements and overbearing sales associates that are present everywhere. From irritating and potentially dangerous pop-ups through the Internet to ever-present billboards, posters and even TV commercials. This kind of ubiquity can still be effective when executed properly. Otherwise, this can hurt your brand.

Despite this, your brand can be ubiquitous in a modern way and this is through digital marketing. This is a type of marketing that utilizes technology and the Internet. This usually includes social media platforms, search engine optimization (SEO) and yes, website development.

With digital marketing, you can advertise your products and services in a meaningful way by creating informative and useful content, whether it be written, visual or audio-visual. Combine keywords into the mix, share it through your social media accounts and you can get your site to be ubiquitous is a non-annoying and more worthwhile way.

  • Convenient Way to Engage with Customers

With a site that is accessible through smartphone or tablet browsers, you can make your company easy to engage with. Remember, engagement is an important aspect of digital marketing. While this usually means getting likes, shares and comments from your visitors, engagement also refers to feedbacks and suggestions from customers.

Through a mobile-friendly site, users can easily send emails, instant messages and reviews to let you know what they think about your products and services. Moreover, this is also a way for them to get assistance from a customer service representative. The best thing is you can also integrate chatbots to help your visitors even without the presence of a representative.

  • Boost Your Reputation

When you are able to show your engagement and willingness to innovate, you are improving the public perception of your brand Combined with positive reviews from customers, a site that is compatible with smartphones and tablets can boost your reputation. In turn, this has the potential to gain the attention of prospective clients and ultimately increase your revenue.

  • Because Google Says So

Lastly and most importantly, the main reason why you should build a mobile-friendly site is that Google tells you so. Above, you learned about digital marketing which utilizes SEO to increase the exposure of your website. Google plays a huge role in doing this. When you publish any kind of content, Google’s algorithm will crawl the page to basically evaluate whether it is worthy to appear in search results.

Now, if users who click on your page from Google’s search results are on PC browsers, then there would be no problem. But what if they do so using a mobile browser? If your sire is compatible with such devices, then there would be no problem.


Developing and publishing a website is the right way to use technology to your advantage. To maximize what technology has to offer, then a mobile-friendly site is what you need. So, make sure to get help from your web developer and start making it a mobile compatible one!