Welcome to the New Normal: How to do Business In a Pandemic

New Normal - How to do Business In a Pandemic
The virus pandemic swept the nation unexpectedly as the economy almost ground to a halt to mitigate its spread. With vaccines and treatments still undergoing research, the country is preparing to enter a new normal, where essential and some non-essential establishments and businesses would be allowed at limited capacity. Business owners dealing with this would need to adapt. The best way to do this is to use digital marketing tools such as websites.

What Does the New Normal Entail?

Before we proceed with the practice of digital marketing, it is important to shed some light on the so-called new normal. Legislators have filed the New Normal for the Workplace and Public Spaces Act of 2020, which seeks to create standards of operations in light of the virus pandemic.

Under this bill, wearing face masks and physical distancing in public places would be required. Work-from-home and online payment methods would be encouraged to minimize the need to deal with the crowded public transportation in the country. When it comes to availing products and services, consumers are encouraged to make transactions via online means.

How to do Business In a Pandemic

How Can Businesses Adjust to the New Normal?

The passing of this bill could mean that you need to find ways to maximize your resources for the good of your business while minimizing the need for contact for the good of the community. Doing so means that you should start treating digital channels and the internet as your best friends because digital marketing will be your primary way of promoting your products and services.

The Important Role of Websites and Digital Marketing

In one way or another, businesses are already practicing digital marketing. The only question is if they are doing it effectively and efficiently. Online marketing experts use a combination of internet tools to create a campaign that perfectly suits individual businesses. When you craft the right strategy, you can successfully boost your business holistically and tangibly amid the pandemic. Here’s what you can expect to achieve when you effectively practice digital marketing:  

  • A Strong Online Presence

Having a website is a standard when it comes to building a business. Just think about the times you want to check out the products or services of a business you are interested in. If you do not want or cannot visit a nearby location, the first thing you do is check their website. So, essentially, websites are businesses’ online counterparts and are your first step to establishing a strong online presence.

Your website should include everything a potential customer would need to know about your company and your offerings. However, this may not be enough to strengthen your presence. You want to make sure that your web content including images, texts, and videos accurately represents your brand. Your web development also matters, from design and layout to colors and fonts.

Aside from your website, another way to ensure that your target market is aware of your presence is through social media. You can use various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to engage with your customers and potential consumers. This also offers an easy and convenient way for them to communicate with your team.

  • Attracting Visitors

You might be wondering how you can get prospective customers to visit your website. This is where lead generation comes in. In marketing, experts differentiate between visits and leads. Visits are simply those who enter your website, while leads are those who show a clear interest in products or services you offer.

Attracting visitors is an important step and your website plays a huge role in this. As mentioned, you are expected to provide valuable information on your site. You can also add a blog section in which you can post helpful and educational articles, infographics, and videos. How can these help you attract visitors, you ask? The answer lies in search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO content is those that are relatable to your target market, high-quality, and infused with the right keywords and meta-tags. Your keywords should be words or phrases that are likely to be used by potential customers when doing search engine queries. Top-quality content can help you rank high and appear on the first page of search engine results where prospective clients can easily find you.

Now, you cannot expect to get organic results through SEO overnight. This is why you should check out Pay-Per-Click (PPC) such as Google Ads. When you get this service, you are paying a platform to promote your page based on every click you get. In the case of Google Ads, you are paying Google to put your advertisement at the top of the query results.

SEO and PPC can help your website gain visitors. Once these users express interest in availing of your products or services, they turn into leads.
Role of Websites and Digital Marketing

  • Turning Leads to Sales

What constitutes a lead can be tricky but a potential customer that falls into your target market and has initiated contact by getting in touch with your company. When these leads ask for samples, demos or trials, they are considered sales-ready.
Now, keep in mind that just because they reached out to you does not mean that they have not gotten in touch with the competition. In fact, experts say that it is possible that your leads have contacted other players first. The difference that could make or break a potential sale is the response time. Your lead is more likely to become a sale if you respond promptly.

So, you want to make sure that your team replies to queries, comments, and messages within a few minutes. After all, the internet can be distracting, especially now that your potential customers are stuck at home, and delays can drown your response in a sea of replies from other companies. Your social media and built-in contact form are a great way to ensure that you respond in a timely manner.
The Bottom Line
Digital marketing is your strongest bet when it comes to driving sales, especially during this new normal. So, take the time to check out this practice to boost your chances. Better yet, get in touch with us to avail of our digital marketing and web development services.